About Me



Certified Physician Assistant

Veteran, Pediatric Physician Assistant with 20+ years of experience in general, urgent and emergent care pediatrics.


Pediatric Healthcare Background

I'm the founder of FIRST BREATHS TO FIRST STEPS. I have worked my entire career with kids - in private practice,  a regional children's hospital, urgent and emergent pediatric care settings.  I've also helped start a pediatric convenient care clinic to provide care after hours.


Mother of Three

I'm married and blessed with 3 sons that I've  raised to young adulthood. Having worked with thousands families to bridge the gap between medicine and hands on parenting - I help you become confident parents!

More About Bev

I love children...truly  blessed with three of my own. I'm dedicated to helping you figure out what you need to do parenting right!

For most of my pediatric career, I've discovered the HUGE need for more guidance and support or our newborn families.  We spend a lot of time preparing you to deliver your baby but not enough time helping you after.  

This lack of support, gave birth to FIRST BREATHS TO FIRST STEPS, where I help you become a confident parent - enjoying your new role.

First Breaths to First Steps Podcast

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Short, bite-size episodes for busy moms (and moms to be!).  A varied menu of pediatric topics to answer some of your most pressing questions.


The Podcast to Help You

Do Parenting Right!

Baby Led Weaning

Join me as I explain the concept of Baby Led Weaning.
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Immunizations – What to Expect at Your Baby’s First Vaccines

Join me as I discuss the immunizations commonly administered at the 2 month well visit, how vaccines work, common side effects (and how to treat them) and why we follow a vaccine schedule.
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Sun Safety with you Baby

Join me as I discuss getting ready to enjoy the warmer and sunny months with skin protection for you little one. I will discuss Sunscreen, SPF clothing and good "Sun Tips" to have a safe outdoor season.