Peri-care Pearls – 3 Products to Help Moms Heal After Delivery

Join me as I discuss with new Mom, Kailey three products the can be a game changer immediately after delivery. We discuss peri-pads, topical soothing foam and postpartum underwear

Episode Transcript:

Hi, and welcome back to first breasts to first steps. My name is Bev Garrison and I’m here with my friend, Kaylee and her little baby Lucas. Lucas is 10 weeks old and Kailey has graciously given me her time to really get some information out there for moms that have just delivered. We thought today we would talk about what Kailey thought was most helpful. Her three most favorite products for moms and healing after delivery. So we talk a lot about peri care. And people are like, what is peri care? Peri is shortened for paraniem, which is that area just outside of that vaginal opening that gets a little traumatized with delivery. Kailey has really outlined some things that I wanted to talk about so that people knew to look for them. And maybe that could help right after delivery for them. Kailey, thank you so much for joining me. Yeah, thanks for having me.

The first thing that we wanted to talk about was some peri- pads. So peri- pads look like maxi pads, but they also have a cooling mechanism in them as well. Is that correct? Kailey? Yeah. You can make your own right. I don’t know if you’re pregnant right now. And when you get to that, like 37 week mark, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store and make my own peri- pads to put in the freezer. You probably get more bang for your buck if you do it that way, but honestly it just, the convenience of buying them for me. It was totally worth it, or definitely if you’re watching this and you’re newly pregnant, something to put on, maybe your baby registry, because I did put a lot of my postpartum stuff on my registry to that. I think a lot of moms kind of forget to add on there. I didn’t know about these. My sister-in-law actually bought me the freedom mom postpartum kit that you can buy and it had these pads in them.

What they are is they’re a regular pad. It helps obviously with your post delivery bleeding and that type of stuff. But it’s just a pad, but it’s also an ice pack. If you think of it kind of like those, what are those, those like emergency, yeah. The hand warmer type of pipes that you kind of break and then it activates that cooling mechanism.

This is a pad, so it has adhesive on the bottom. You appeal the, well, first it’s in this case, and then it’ll tell you to fold it in half, which will break it to get this stuff, going to make it cool. And then you shake it and then I don’t know, you shake her for like 10 or 15 seconds and then you take it out of the package and then that’s where it has the adhesive, like a traditional pad and just exterior underwear. Which is awesome because. You feel like you’re waddling cause it is huge. It’s an ice pack. But it just feels so much better. Cause you can sit and it won’t move around cause it’s in your underwear.

Then you can also add your Tucks pads and your foam and your whatever else to it that you want. And I’d say it stays cold for probably. 15 to 20 minutes. I was just going to ask you that, which is probably a safe amount of time for that tissue to get cold. You don’t want to constantly be on ice, but 15 minutes on take it off and then 15 minutes back on could be super helpful. Obviously colder at first, but it starts to just feel so much better. But you can also buy, I think it’s a pack of. Six or a pack of eight. I can’t remember. I’d have to go look at the box, but you can buy them just,

it makes me feel better. Huh? You can buy them. The pads themselves, you don’t have to buy the freedom on whole pack, which is nice. I don’t quite remember how much they were. My, my dad and my brother graciously one night went and got them for me as I was having a, a moment of pain and everything. I’d have to look, but they, one thing, at least in our Target here they’re not in the pad section.

Like you would think they would be there in the baby section. Well, No. I mean, I don’t, I don’t know if that’s all targets, like I said, but our target here is where we went and got ours. And my dad went, my dad and brother went to the pharmacy and was like, Hey, I’m looking for these. And it actually is kind of honey, good uncle and a good grandpa sure.

Is. And so funny too, because the picture I sent them said like, it’s a date for your vagina or something on there. And so they showed, they showed that They’re like, I don’t know what this is. And the pharmacist reading and he’s like, oh, that’s in the baby stuff. Cause they were looking all over in the area.

Yeah. So that brings up a good point to just ask the pharmacist. Pharmacist and they can help you. So I’m sure you could probably order them online as well. I bet they’re on Amazon as well, but if you’re in a tight spot and you need them right away, target has them. I’m sure Walmart has them too.

Yeah. You had also mentioned that you love the freedom mom foam, which is a topical product that you can put on that tissue that is swollen and irritated. Yes. I use that in place of the, what is it? Derma -plast. Yes, I like that, but I don’t know. I felt like it burned or something. I don’t know. It could just be me and my sensitivities, but Because that you like sprayed on yourself or the foam? I didn’t put it directly on me. I put it on the pad. I did a line on the pad.

And then that way it would just sit in it and absorb that way. And that seemed to really help. Right. Traditionally we say use Derma plast. You can also, at least on the backend, closer to your rectum, you can use tucks pads, for your hemorrhoids and whatnot. But you were also saying that sometimes it was. Kind of burning a little bit. And so that Peri- foam seemed to be a little bit more neutral and pH and not causing as much irritation, more gentle. Yeah, for sure.

Okay. I think your third item that you talked to me about that was your favorite for moms is some postpartum undies never even knew they had such a thing. I didn’t realize which actually too. It’s kinda nice to know cause they have in bikini, but they, I believe they also have them in like a thong, which is kind of nice to have postpartum if you wanted to wear them. Obviously the first couple of weeks, personally, the thong is not what I would want, but they do have as an availability there too, you interrupting your podcast, but it’s just nice cause they have a thicker band, so it helps give you some support. Whether I had my baby vaginally, but I could see where that extra kind of, it’s not a lot of pressure, but it’s a little bit of tightness, kind of like a spandex, but not as tight as the spandex, but it does give you some pressure there, which I think if I did have a C-section, it would feel good on that incision just because it would hold it in place. But even after a vaginal birth, it was nice to just have. That comfort of being held in place. Cause you feel your bellies jelly and all this weird stuff. If you’re a new mom and not used to that. And it just holds everything in place where you don’t have to worry about your underwear falling or falling down or having to constantly pull them up.

One thing I learned obviously we get bigger as we get pregnant, so I had to buy bigger underwear. And then after you have a baby, you’re in that middle ground, I guess where your old underwear. Don’t really hold or fit as much. And then you’re unaware that you just bought cause you were pregnant or obviously big now because you don’t have your belly that you’re pulling them up over.

Having the postpartum underwear kind of just helped. They also have, so they come in black, but what’s nice is the I guess the inseam or the cotton part at the bottom, where your vagina sits is white or so you can see if you’re bleeding. Cause obviously if you have a dark color, you don’t urge to know instill, or your discharge color, that type of stuff.

I thought that was really helpful too. I still wear pantyliners and I’m 10 weeks postpartum, but I think it was just nice to have a, no, if I didn’t need a pad necessarily you could still tell if, oh yeah, I am bleeding a little bit or. No, I’m fine. It’s just discharged type stuff. I found those really helpful and they also Mr. Smiles, they also were nice to hold the pad in place yes. Whether they were huge pads or the thick ones or small ones or long ones, any size yeah. What did you think about those Lucas?

They’re just super convenient and easy to wear and comfortable. Yeah, I know there, there was a brand that you sent when I was like, what are these underwear you’re talking about? I think they were called inner C inner C I N N E R S Y. But they appeared to be cotton briefs and were a little bit high-waisted, which I also thought was good.

Cause again, like you were saying, you had a vaginal delivery, but with C-sections, that scar is right there and I’m sure you don’t want anything rubbing across that. I had vaginal births as well. I didn’t have C-sections . But my gut feeling is that we’re always talking about looser clothing and things like that for C-section moms that you by no means would want anything that’s tight or constricting or rubbing across that scar. These postpartum high-waisted panties that you sent me, it looked like what kind of clear that area of that scar plus what the waistband being thicker like that might even just go right over that and provide some compression and support to that area. Yeah. I’d say they go, not all the way up to your belly button, but from your pelvic bone midway, in between your belly button and your pelvic bone.

So there’s nice that they stay up because exactly what you’re saying. When you’re pregnant, your underwear are too big. You’ve had the baby that those don’t fit you, but you’re not quite in like regular underwear. You’re kind of in this middle of the road place. And so I think they’re really custom and streamlined to kind of fit a little bit better, better for where your body is at. Yes. And they holding them up. It’s just so nice because sometimes especially with the weight of those ice pack pads, that pulls it down. Then if you’re on underwear that are too big already, then just pull your underwear right on down.

And then you’re trying to keep them up and hold them in place where these are just stays in place. And it’s like the perfect. Right consistency between not too tight, but tight enough to stay in place. I guess I’m not really like a spandex, but that type of a compression, but there’s a little bit of a compression to just hold in place and not have to worry about it going anywhere.

Yes. Yeah. At first breaths of first steps, I’m always talking about being prepared and I do feel like this is probably an item that would be well worth getting beforehand because once your baby gets here, the last thing you want to be doing is going, oh, do I have underwear that fit now that my baby is here.

I think. Brings a good point to mind to be forward thinking about that and knowing that you’re not going to be right at pre pregnancy panties or, pregnancy panties, you’re going to be somewhere in between there. And this is a really good option for that. And you want to be comfortable.

You’re sore in that area and especially if you had a C-section, I’m sure your incision is sore. It’s one less thing. It’s one thing that you don’t really think about having, but then it’s one nice thing to have, like you said, in preparation, just to have an even just have it washed, it’s hard to say cause you don’t want to buy it and try it on. You want to buy it and wash it, but you don’t want to buy the size that necessarily fits you pregnant. I’ve always been told kind of postpartum to get the clothes that fit you at six months cause you kind of go back down to that after you have your. And I would say that that was true.

I think I sized up. And then, yeah. Maybe even having two different sizes in post-partum underwear would be not a bad plan, just so that you kind of, you have what’s called. Exactly. Well, thanks Kaylee. I’m going to call these your postpartum pearls because you gave us some great advice for some things that maybe we don’t always discuss in that moms can maybe look out for and have ready to go.

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