First Breaths to First Steps

First Breaths to First Steps

Bev Garrison's First Breaths to First Steps

First Breaths to First Steps is a podcast for new parents in need of reliable answers to their baby questions!

It is hosted by Bev Garrison, a 25-year veteran in pediatric healthcare, who shares not only her clinical expertise but practical recommendations straight from her first-hand experience as a mother of three.

Bev has been working with families like yours for more than two decades and is here to provide you with the guidance you need to raise a healthy baby while experiencing the joy of parenthood.

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Breastfeeding: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Breastfeeding!

Brief chat with Jodi, my "Breastfeeding Guru" to talk about what most new moms wish they knew BEFORE they started breastfeeding their baby!
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Baby Health: Skin Changes in Newborns

Did you notice a rash or pimple on your baby's skin? Listen to this episode to find out whether it's something you need to go see your doctor about or not!
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Breastfeeding: What are Nursing Bras?

There's one thing that many new moms learn a day or two too late: nursing bras! In this episode we discuss what they are, why they're so necessary, what to look for in yours and more!
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Parenting: Baby Car Seats

All about baby car seats! Forward or rear facing? How to adjust them? What to look for when choosing one, and lots more!
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Parenting: Bathing Your Newborn

In this episode we talk about tips for bathing your newborn. How often should you do it? How long should baths be? What to have on hand, what to avoid, and more!
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Baby Health: Your Baby’s Poop

In this episode we talk about poop! Yes! Everything that has to do with your baby's poop! What's normal, what's not and when to call your doc!
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Breastfeeding: Supplies

What do you actually need to prepare for breastfeeding? In this episode, I guide you through what you will definitely need to get before your baby is here!
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Welcome to First Breaths to First Steps, a podcast for new parents who want to make sure they're doing parenting right!
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