Welcome to First Breaths to First Steps, a podcast for new parents who want to make sure they’re doing parenting right!

Episode Transcript

Welcome to newborn news a podcast developed to coach newborn and families from FIRST BREATHS TO FIRST STEPS. My name is Beverly Garrison and I am a pediatric Physician Assistant with 20 years of general, urgent and emergent pediatric experience. This is a new project for me where I’ll be discussing new parent topics to address common at home questions for new families and parents. For first time listeners I’m the mother to three sons, I have trained and worked in the Denver community and I am passionate about empowering new families with coaching and education. This podcast information and advice is not designed to diagnose, specify a treatment plan or take the place of advice and guidance from your primary care provider. If questions should arise about content of this podcast, please contact your PCP for further evaluation and discussion. Remember opinions offered here are not to substitute well or acute medical care.

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