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Sun Safety with you Baby

Join me as I discuss getting ready to enjoy the warmer and sunny months with skin protection for you little one. I will discuss Sunscreen, SPF clothing and good “Sun Tips” to have a safe outdoor season.

What If My Baby Is Not Hitting Milestones in Development?

Concerned about your baby not being developmentally where they should be? Join me as I talk with Pediatric PT, Dr Kristine Godsil about what defines “being delayed” and most importantly what thing you can work on at home.


Important information in lowering your risk of SIDS.

How to Pick Your Pediatrician

We focus a tremendous amount of time on preparing for your newest family member to arrive – but don’t forget to spend some time on picking THEIR primary care. Listen as I walk you through some characteristics that I think makes for a great, long lasting

Sleep Regression at 4 Months and 18 Months of Age3

Oh no we are no longer sleeping through the night!!! One of parent’s BIGGEST nightmares…Join me as we discuss with Parenting Practice Co and Sleep Specialists (Lindsey and Paige) what practical solutions we can do to get us all back to bed.

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Daytime Accidents After Previously Being Potty Trained

Today I am featuring a discussion with Dr Kristine Godsil, Pediatric Physical Therapist, about how to address accidents after you thought your child was completely trained. This can be a frustrating time and one that can stress parents out. Listen as Kr

The Safe Sleep Environment

Today we explore the meaning of “safe sleep environment.” As new parents, you hear this term frequently, but what does it mean exactly. Join me as we clearly lay out what this looks like and define how to start your baby’s sleep hygiene in a safe manner.