First Breaths to First Steps

First Breaths to First Steps

Bev Garrison's First Breaths to First Steps

First Breaths to First Steps is a podcast for new parents in need of reliable answers to their baby questions!

It is hosted by Bev Garrison, a 25-year veteran in pediatric healthcare, who shares not only her clinical expertise but practical recommendations straight from her first-hand experience as a mother of three.

Bev has been working with families like yours for more than two decades and is here to provide you with the guidance you need to raise a healthy baby while experiencing the joy of parenthood.

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Hospital Expectations for Delivering Moms

So what does happen once you go to the hospital for delivery? Join me for a quick review of birthing classes, labor and delivery rooms and transitioning to family rooms. I also touch on the importance of a post partumplan.
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Newborn Sleep – Laying the foundation for a good sleeper

Listen as I discuss with the sleeping specialists of Parenting Practice Co how to lay the foundation for a good sleeper. We will discuss things that you can start from early weeks that will translate to good sleep hygiene.
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Post-Partum Depression

Join me as we explore the common Challenge of Post-Partum Depression, things to be on the look out for and interventions.
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Starting Solid Foods for your Baby

Join me as you hear the talk I gave parents at Baby Bistro (a breastfeeding support group of mothers) and discuss the best timing for starting solids in a baby's diet.
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To PEE or NOT TO PEE – Getting off to the right start with Potty Training

Get some expert advice from Parenting Practice CO - Lindsey Burchfield and Paige Legault help us to the successful path for potty training. These two behavior specialists help us with tips and tricks to help parents make this transition with ease.
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The TERRIFIC Two’s – Behavior Modifications

Listen as I discuss with Paige Le Gault and Lindsey Burchfield, behavioral specialists from Parenting Practice CO, Behavior modifications in the terrific twos.
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Swaddles, Hatch and a Poppy Pillow

Join me as I discuss with new, nurse mama Kailey as we talk about swaddles, the Hatch sound machine and Boppy pillows. These were some of Kailey's favorite products for the first two months after her son was born.
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Postpartum Emotions

Join me as I discuss with new mom, Kailey, common postpartum feelings new moms experience. It's an important reminder of possible emotions that may present at the beginning of your new parent journey. You are not alone...
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Peri-care Pearls – 3 Products to Help Moms Heal After Delivery

Join me as I discuss with new Mom, Kailey three products the can be a game changer immediately after delivery. We discuss peri-pads, topical soothing foam and postpartum underwear
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Help! We’ve Got to Sleep Again!

A discussion on sleep training in the Toddler years and best care practices in achieving best sleep hygiene for the ENTIRE family. Join me as we introduce the tips and tricks of Columbine Sleep Solutions and Parenting Practice Colorado - practices that t
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